Derecho Inmobiliario


Our firm of specialist solicitors can provide comprehensive advice throughout the entire property purchase/sale procedure in the islands. Following the initial due diligence on the property title, we will undertake to look closely at any relevant charges, necessary searches and local planning aspects of the property with special attention to to its area of placement, community charges and all services paid to date.


We can provide information on the best financial rates you could get with the local banks as we are in regular touch with them.


Due to our excellent communication with local banking institutions, we will be able to provide you with clear and comprehensive information on the most advantageous and current packages and financial rates available to you, for your personal consideration, alongside your purchase.


Having secured the basic legalities of the property we will then, in accordance to the client agreement with the vendor/purchaser, prepare a private agreement to secure the deal, including all pertinent information according to our law, for your final approval.


It is our pleasure to assist you through the process of completion before a Public Notary or, if required, act on your behalf with a Power of Attorney, to receive possession of the property on the specified date when you will then become the legal owner of your new property on the island.


In addition, once you have completed and received ownership, we will settle all taxes and fees related to the purchase and will change all services, such as electric, water, gas, etc. into your name and accounts on your behalf. A comprehensive, itemised sheet with all relevant expenses will be provided to ensure your peace of mind and alleviate the stress of this necessary, yet time-consuming, process.


We pride ourselves upon our attention to detail and excellent communication in all aspects of guiding you through the necessary steps in these essential areas, in order to make the entire process a positive and rewarding experience for you.